The RORC Network:

In addition to an existing fleet of offshore, high speed vessels, a fleet of specially designed fire boats will be built and strategically placed in harbors along the coastline of the Continental US and they will respond to a customer’s vessel in distress when called. These response vessels will range in size from 55 ft to 85 ft, will be USCG certified to transport surveyors, fire teams, divers and cargo, and will cruise at speeds of up to 28 knots with a range of 500 miles. The vessels will carry an integrated foam firefighting system with Pyrolance penetrating nozzles capable of delivering up to 4,000 GPM and carrying up to 800 gallons of foam. Each vessel will utilize satellite voice and data communications, as well as fixed day/night cameras, for relaying information back to QIs and the authorities on shore.

RORC’s network will supplement a vessel’s existing response plan by providing the resources in each COTP zone capable of delivering the surveyor, fire team and firefighting equipment as directed by the vessel’s current salvage provider. During an incident, RORC will act as any other subcontractor and all management, tasking and scheduling of resources will be performed by the salvage company listed in the vessel’s VRP.

The map graphic depicts the locations of RORC’s network partners and the home ports for the RORC fleet of fire boats, once constructed and deployed.

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