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ROR will provide its customers with improved safety and risk mitigation in the event of an offshore incident by ensuring their vessels comply with the salvage and marine firefighting (“SMFF”) requirements of 33 CFR 155 for first responder resource services. With the adoption of Subpart J for non-tanker vessels in 2013 and the recent expiration of tanker waivers in February 2015, ROR is the only rapid response resource provider with contractually-obligated assets and crews that are capable of providing a compliant SMFF response for both tanker and non-tanker vessels visiting the continental U.S.


ROR has developed a network of boat operators, vessels and related infrastructure within ports along the US coastline to support a contractually-obligated, around-the-clock response service for its customers. In addition to an existing fleet of high speed vessels currently in service, ROR will build and deploy a fleet of high speed fire boats that will deliver surveyors, fire teams and external firefighting equipment to a customer’s vessel in distress in the nearshore and offshore area of the Continental US.

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